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  • Beat the Winter Blues as a Runner: Tips and Strategies for Staying Motivated

    As runners, we often look forward to the crisp, cool air and stunning winter landscapes that the colder months bring. But for many of us, the shorter days, longer nights, and cold, wet weather can also lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness, and lack of motivation. This phenomenon, known as winter blues or seasonal affective […]

  • Stay Hydrated and Refueled: How to Make an Isotonic Drink at Home for Runners

    As a runner, it’s important to properly refuel and rehydrate after a long run or a hard workout. But it’s easy to forget about hydration during the winter months when the weather is cold and we’re less likely to feel thirsty. However, it’s just as important to stay hydrated during the winter as it is […]

  • One step forward – two steps back

    And it’s not a tango dance. I felt like the moment I committed to tracking the progress to the next milestone publicly, things started to pile up that pulled back. One step forward, two steps back. It’s been a crazy busy two months work-wise, and I’m not saying this as an excuse. The load is […]

  • Why mileage is king

    About a 13 years ago when I decided to run my first half-marathon, and cross off that bucket-list item (I know, classic right?) I bumped into an acquaintance who was running crazy fast half-marathon times at that point. Like sub 1:45 HMs, which were from another world comparing from my hope-full 2:15-2:20 finish time. And […]

  • New beginnings are always exciting

    To take from the top. I’m not a blogger, and my intent was never to become one. I feel that we already have an oversaturation of motivational, technical, and training content out there, and adding one more website to that list is not going to make the world a better place. Nor is it going […]

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