One step forward – two steps back

And it’s not a tango dance.

I felt like the moment I committed to tracking the progress to the next milestone publicly, things started to pile up that pulled back. One step forward, two steps back.

It’s been a crazy busy two months work-wise, and I’m not saying this as an excuse. The load is going down and hopefully, starting next week the focus will be switched a bit more toward family and personal activities. Here is a breakdown of the last few weeks from strava:

An attempt was made to do some base building

As you can see I’ve hit two 35-40km weeks and then life did a bit of a reality check. I want to commit to doing a good thing this spring, and I’m still figuring out whether Thessaloniki is a viable goal for spring. Its important for me that the spring race is a successful one, and with me being 98kgs right now, success is a broad term that I need to polish out and refine.

So here is me recommitting that I’ll follow up here, by the end of next week with my “final” goals for Spring. At least till life hits again.







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