Training Plan for a 12 hour ultramarathon

As promised in the previous post, I wanted to share with you my custom built 13 week training plan for the Sri Chinmoy Belgrade Ultramarathon that’s happening later this September.

As you can see I’m focusing on slowly building up from 65km to the peak milage of 110-115km at Week 10. The milage primarily grows through the long runs on Sunday (long slow outings not focused on the pace, more focused on keeping the HR low and the body fresh) and through the mid-week general aerobic runs.

Also, the program is a bit aggressive with the 6 days a week of training most weeks – the idea is to listen to the body and take days off on the short run days if needed. An injury is the last thing I need right now.

Another good news is that my weight has been decreasing and I’m at 88kg right now, with the goal of reaching low 80s by the race day. Each kg means a ton in races this long.

As you can see, I’ve already completed Week1, I’ll post my reflections on it during this week.


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